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Top PC Building Games for PC 2018

Top PC Building Games for PC 2019

One of my greatest passions in life is to play games where I can have fun creating cities, parks, zoos etc.

You probably do not care, but I like to tell my life! : p

In short! I find it downright crazy to make my brain work and imagine, build a lot of stuff. This passion does not date from yesterday. I’ve been playing this type of video game for over 10 years …

Create cities and build an empire

Today, I still love PC building games because they have a long life and can create things by demonstrating strategy. If you play it, you love it! do not move ! because I will give you the name of the best building games available on PC.

Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires continues to be one of the best PC building games for PC available of its kind. Forge of Empires is an free online strategy game that brings together the best of Clash of Clans and Sim City to provide you with a rather crazy construction game experience.

You can create research facilities and collect money from your citizens. In addition to building your cities, Forge of Empires also allows you to build your own army so that you can fight against your enemies and friends or capture their cities.

Cities Skyline

If you want complete freedom, try Cities: Skylines. This game allows you to interpret the role of a real realistic city builder. You will also have to face all the difficulties encountered by a real architect who wants to embark on the creation of a city.

With Cities, you will build modern structures and transit systems for locals. You will play in environments both day and night and you can also choose different difficulties. It is unavoidable!

Tropico 5

You do not go on vacation, but you need sun? Tropico is for you. The game’s publisher, Kalypso Media has created a really cool building game that lets you turn tropical islands into beautiful cities. If you have a talent for strategy and planning,

Tropico 5 is the perfect choice for you. Over time, you can become a builder who thinks of the inhabitants or a dictator who puts himself in his pockets. With you to choose, you are the master!

Prison Architect

The game gives you the opportunity to create your own prison facility that will house very dangerous prisoners. You will direct your workers to lay bricks and build blocks of cells before the prisoners arrive. You are responsible for the construction of an infirmary, a canteen and a guard room.

You decide if you need an execution room or a brief isolation cell! you have the power. After building everything, you can choose to play the role of a prisoner who wants to escape. You will need to know how to escape your own creation.

Urban Empire

Being the mayor of a city is just great and when you have to build your own city, it adds fun. Urban Empire allows you to be the mayor of your empire. Beyond the creation of your territory, you will also have to take care of the social, political and economic aspect of your municipality.

You will also need to examine the well-being of your residents by building schools, colleges and many other institutes. In conclusion, you have to do everything a real mayor would do.

Cities XXL

It’s a game that requires building skills and managing a city. You have to collect different resources and allocate them to the places that need them. Here you can also barter and trade with other cities to generate even more revenue. You can also choose different styles of buildings. No doubt you will quickly fall in love with Cities XXL.

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