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Download Aptoide APK

Download Aptoide for Android – free – latest version

What is Aptoide?

Aptoide is an alternative marketplace for downloading free apps and games for tablets and smartphones which run on Android applications. The installation of Aptoide is not directly possible from an Android device. To access the Aptoide platform, you need to download an Aptoid APK file and install this file on your device. You must manually install the downloaded application on your device, to simplify things, there is the option of automatic installation.

Main features of Aptoide

The main interface of Aptoide shows the most unloaded applications as well as the most active stores of the platform. The available apps are mainly games, but there is also a lot of audiovisual content, music, background, and even adult content, content that can be filtered through the results by setting the functions research since indeed Aptoide does not really control the content of applications offered…

Aptoide is not compatible with the Windows operating system.

Required configurations for Aptoide

Operating system: Android.

Size: 10.5 MB

Compatible version of Android

Android 1.5, Android 1.1, Android 1.6, Android 2.0, Android 2.0.1, Android 2.1, Android 2.2, Android 2.3, Android 3.0, Android 3.1, Android 3.2, Android 3.3, Android 4.0, Android 4.1, Android 4.1.1, Android 4.1.2, Android 4.2, Android 4.2.1, Android 4.2.2, Android 4.3

Download Aptoide for Android

You have probably heard of Aptoide , the competing application of Google Play Store. We have the pleasure today to leave you a little tutorial to install it on your Android device.

How to install in an Android device.

Installing Aptoide on Android is very easy. Follow the below steps:

  • Allow the installation of a third-party APK on your tablet.
  • From the browser on your mobile go to
  • A window opens automatically. You must confirm the installation of the APK by clicking on “Install “.
  • When the application has downloaded, go to the menu of your smartphone, open ” notification ” and select the application you just downloaded.
  • A window will open, your tablet asking for installation permission. Click on “OK”.

That’s it that’s all. It took you about 30 seconds, and you now have Aptoide available on your smartphone.

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Possible problems when downloading on Android.

Some problems may arise during the installation of Aptoide. In almost 100% of cases, your phone is set by default for Google Play Store.

Aptoide refuses to start:

If Aptoide is installed on your phone but refuses to start, it may be the hidden fault of your tablet or your phone. Resetting applications on the device will not cause any loss of files or data. Here is the easy way to follow:

You must go to ” Settings ” then ” Application Manager ” and then ” Reset Preferences “. Finally, click on ” Reset Applications.” “

Apps do not have access to the phone.

If Android allows Google Play Store access to your phone’s files, some apps, such as Aptoide, must be manually allowed. Do not worry, just set a tiny parameter on your Android device!

In ” Settings “, check ” Unknown Sources “. Validate the warning and voila, problem solved, you can restart the download and Aptoide will install without any problem.

Thats all. If you guys facing any problem during installation can comment below I would be happy to solve your problems.

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