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GPS Cardio Watch

Guide to choosing your GPS cardio watch

Most sports today have their own watch with cardio , and even integrated GPS . A must-have, this sporting accessory makes it possible to program your training, to record your courses, to follow your progress or to optimize your weight loss. Also, different models on the market do not always meet the same needs.

Before buying your cardio watch , several parameters must be taken into account. Follow his tips for finding the perfect GPS watch to achieve your goals .

Which GPS cardio watch to choose? It’s all about needs

The first essential criterion for the user is above all to identify his needs according to the sport he practices . Also, the choice is not the same for an athlete who is looking for a GPS watch equipped with a memory to store the data of a course and then be returned to a computer or a smartphone. On the other hand, the choice of another athlete will rather move towards the basic function of an accelerometer to measure the distance traveled.

As you can see, the chosen model adapts to the type of sport practiced. Thus, you can be accompanied by a guide of running , but the watch advised to an experienced practitioner is not at all the one needed for a jog. In any case, your precious ally must be a better coach regardless of the sports activity practiced (running, skiing, swimming, hiking and more).

The price of a GPS sports watch, how much does it cost?

Cardio watches sold on the market have different prices. From the basic model for running to the triathlon GPS watch, the budget can range from 100 euros to more than 1000 euros. In this case, you will need to specify the budget you have before choosing a particular cardio watch .

Small budgets can find cheap sports watch models . In general, they do not have the GPS function, but they are able to measure the trips made using an accelerometer. They will also be able to determine the number of calories burned.

The most expensive GPS cardio watches are multisport models. Their multiple functions are useful for the practice of several activities. Some models offer specific features (connected watch, deep dive, etc.).

Define the useful functions of his cardio watch

As the name suggests, the cardio watch can calculate the heart rate. The more revolutionary models offer other very useful additional functions to help you progress in the practice of your favorite sport.

For example, attention must be paid to the waterproofness of a GPS sports watch for use underwater. If you do activities such as mountain biking, cycling, or the elliptical trainer, prefer a handlebar mount to a wristwatch worn around the wrist.

In short, it is important to list the essential functions , desirable on these devices to be sure to find the ideal GPS cardio watch . Varied from barometric altimeter function to gyroscope, recording memory size, sensor choice … The features available on these sports watches will be useful for making the right choice.

Focus on comfort on your GPS watch

The size of your device is important because it accompanies you throughout your workouts. Thus, you will need to pay attention to the comfort of your smart watch. It should not interfere, otherwise the wearing of an unsuitable watch will have an impact on your performance. You will find on the market a wide choice of GPS cardio watch from size S to XL.

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