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Google Play Store: How to use a prepaid gift card

Google Play Store: How to use a prepaid gift card

Google Play Store makes it possible to buy applications and integrated purchases by card, PayPal, but also by gift cards. These gifts cards can be purchased from offline or online stores. These cards are available for $15, $25, $50, $100 or upto $ 200 can be found in many outlets (supermarkets, tobacconists, fnac, darty, and other major brands) and have advantage of reloading your Google Play account by paying with cash.

Want to buy an app on the Google Play Store without entering a credit card number or PayPal account? Want to offer a credit to spend on the Play Store to a friend or relative? Here’s how to add their balance to your Google Play account and the conditions under which you can use them.

How to use a Google Play gift card

To use a Google Play card:

  • Locate the scratch area on the back of the card to reveal the code
  • On your smartphone open Google Play Store
  • Go to ≡> Use a code
  • enter the code
  • Confirm

It is also possible to enter this code during a purchase if you have not registered a payment method and your Google Play balance is zero. In this case at the time of payment:

  • Choose Use Code
  • enter the code
  • Confirm

Finally, if the amount of the gift card is not enough, you can always complete with another code, but it requires to recharge his account before making the purchase.

What can I buy with a Google Play card?

Gift cards only allow you to make purchases of eligible items on the Google Play Store. In USA, this means that you can only buy: Apps, Movies, Music and Subscriptions.

However, Google states in its help pages: “Gift cards do not support the purchase of eBooks or certain subscriptions and other items in the ‘Devices’ section of Google Play (for example, phones, tablets, associated accessories) ” . There are exceptions – the balance does not allow subscriptions to Google Play News stand.

Finally, gift cards are not refillable, refundable or redeemable for cash or other cards.

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