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Smartphone or tablet broken? That’s how you get them repaired

Your smartphone or tablet can just break. An accident is in a small corner. But the device can also suffer from a technical defect. With these tips you choose the best way to repair your smartphone or tablet.

What are your rights?

Defect beyond your fault

If your smartphone or tablet breaks down earlier than expected and you are not to blame, you are entitled to free repair. Go to the store where you purchased the device. You are legally entitled to a sound (good) product. In addition, the manufacturer often also offers a 1 or 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. That guarantee is a kind of ‘extra’ and can never affect your statutory rights.

Defect due to own fault

If it concerns a repair of a defect caused by your own fault, then you are not entitled to a free repair by the seller. In most cases, the repair will also not be covered by the factory warranty, unless you have taken out additional insurance with the manufacturer or retailer.

Do you have a household insurance , possibly with out-of- home coverage ? The insurance may (partially) cover the damage. If someone else has damaged your device, you can reclaim the costs of the recovery through their liability insurance.

Manufacturer or other repairer?

If your phone or tablet is broken due to your own clumsiness (a fall for example) you can go to one of the manufacturer’s service points (at least with Apple and Samsung) or you can go to an independent repairer. There are major differences between the two choices. View the pros and cons.



  • Original parts
  • Retention of your factory warranty


  • Often not the cheapest repairman

Other repairman


  • Repair often on location


  • Sometimes original parts, sometimes not
  • The factory warranty will usually expire
  • The legal guarantee does not expire in principle, but it will be a difficult story to the store if the phone or tablet fails after a repair by another repair company (than the store indicates).

Determine on the basis of the age, purchase price and the price of the repair how important it is to keep your legal warranty and / or factory warranty and who you choose as a repairer.

What should you pay attention to at repairers?

Original or not

Anyone who does not have their device repaired by the manufacturer, but by an independent repairer, is advised to ask for new original parts. That means that you get exactly the same parts as the original in your phone or tablet. That is especially important with the screens. Replica screens can be of a lower quality than original screens, for example because the viewing angle or the contrast is worse. The replica screens can be cheaper. In the case of a Samsung device, in many cases it is possible to get original parts from an independent repairer, but with an Apple iPhone or iPad this is more difficult. In any case, always ask what parts the repairman uses.

Immediately ready-repair or send

Many repair shops can perform certain repairs, such as a broken screen, on the spot. Then it is made the same day, sometimes so quickly that you can wait for it in the store. Sometimes a repair is more complicated or repairs are carried out at other locations, then you will have lost your device for some time. To stay accessible you sometimes get a loan device. This is possible, for example, if you have an iPhone repaired via Apple. Ask the repair shop if you can use a loan device. Not all stores will offer this, so don’t count on it.

Research costs

If the repairer judges that the repair is not covered by warranty, an invoice or quotation will follow. The bill can also be higher due to unexpected defects. If you do not agree with a quote and want the device back, you may have to pay research costs. Therefore, be well informed about research costs before you drop off or send a device.

Warranty on repair

The repairer sometimes gives a warranty on the repaired part itself. That warranty period varies per repairer, varying from 3 to 12 months on a repair. Discuss whether you get a warranty on the repaired part and how long it is valid for.

Smooth repair in 5 steps

  1. Once you have chosen a repairer, a small preparation will ensure a smooth repair. Because if you go directly to a repair counter in a store, there is a good chance that it is not your turn. And maybe they don’t have the right part in stock. Follow our step-by-step plan to prevent such disappointments.
  2. Make a repair appointment in advance. This is possible with all repairers, usually via the website. Time is then reserved for you and it often shortens the repair time to an hour, or even shorter. Website like Gadset provide online mobile phone repair such as android and iPhone repair Bangalore.
  3. Ask the store if the correct part is in stock. If not, the part can be ordered for you. Please note that some parts are available in different colors to match the rest of the smartphone.
  4. Make a backup copy of your telephone before returning it.
    – Back up your tablet
    – Make a backup copy of your smartphone
  5. A major advantage of a repair in the store is that usually the data on the device is not deleted. And that you can immediately use the device again. A disadvantage is that the repairer can access all your data on the phone during the repair. If you are committed to your privacy, delete all data on the phone before handing in, naturally after you have made a backup. Do not forget to remove the memory card from the phone if it is inserted.
    • This is how you delete your smartphone or tablet
  6. Make sure you have the password for your Apple or Google account , as this is sometimes necessary during the repair. Your security code for the lock screen may also be required. Do not give all this type of login data to the repairman. Enter your passwords and PIN codes yourself on the telephone. That is why it is wise to stay close to the repair desk.

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